John’s CV

Employment history

2014 — Visiting Lecturer (ECON7030: Advanced Microeconomics for Masters), University of Queensland.

1999-2011 — Tutor, University of Queensland. Three non-consecutive years: 1999 (ECON1010: Introductory Economics & ECON2110: Political Economy), 2007 (tutorial coordinator for ECON2110: Political Economy), and 2011 (ECON1120: Economics of Social Issues & ECON 1110: Australian Economic Institutions). 

2011 — Research Assistant, Centre for Creative Industries (QUT). Research and write about issues related to cultural production and consumption in Australia, specifically looking at cultural consumption price indices  and inter-city cultural comparisons. Two months only.

2009 – Research Fellow, Centre for Independent Studies. Researched, wrote and spoke on issues including charitable funds, labour markets, climate change policy, tax and welfare reform, health policy, political philosophy and civil society.

2002-2004 – Economic Consultant, Centre for International Economics. Projects included an assessment of the Aust-US free trade agreements, analysis of government R&D policies, assessing the finances of ASEAN, giving short training courses in budget policy, competition and international trade, researching the environmental impact of subsidies, calculating the costs of the Bali bombing, using and interpretting complex models (including CGE model GTAP), and conducting benefit-cost analysis on a range of different topics. Includes a subcontracted job for the World Bank in Indonesia. 

2000-2002 – Policy Analyst, Budget Policy Division and Tax Analysis Division, Commonwealth Treasury. Responsible for forecasting GST and income tax revenue, writing elements of the Budget Papers, and coordinating the revenue section of Budget Paper 2. Involved in the production of the Intergenerational Report and the Tax Expenditure Statements, as well as involvement in a review of defence financing.

1997 – Private, RURQ, Australian Army Reserve.

Academic history

2010-present — PhD (Economics), University of Queensland (ongoing). Looking at the role of civil society in helping developmental goals, with specific regard to the use of non-profit personal equity to help finance education for low-income students.

2004-2006 – PhD (Economics), University of New England (incomplete). Researching the links between market competition and productivity growth. Discontinued when I decided to switch topics and universities (see above). 

1999 – B. Economics (Honours), University of Queensland. GPA = 6.4; High Distinctions in Advanced Macro-economics, International Economics (first in class) and Monetary Economics; Student representative on the academic board.

1996-1998 – B. Economics, University of Queensland. GPA = 6.0; completed 28 subjects instead of required 24, including 2/3rds of a commerce degree.

1991-1995 – High School Certificate, Caloundra Christian College

Volunteer positions

2007-present – President & Managing Director, Human Capital Project. Non-profit organisation that invests in the university education of poor Cambodian students.

2013-present — Director of Research, University of Management and Economics (KPC, Cambodia). In coordination with Cambodian staff, manage the research projects and postgraduate students for UME, arrange for international guest speakers, and present occasional courses. Provide advice to Stapnic Sustainable Economy (SSE) micro-finance business. Early stages of building a semi-independent research institute.  

2012-present — Executive Director, Economic Society of Australia (QLD). Originally appointed as Deputy Secretary, then shifted to Executive Director. Also Treasurer of the Australian Young Economists since 2013, and presented at the 2013 Australian Conference of Economists in Perth.

2012-present — Deputy Director, Australian Taxpayers Alliance. Also economic spokesperson, coordinator of the ATA subject “Foundations of Liberty and Free-market Economics” (Sydney 2013), and regular presenter on economic and budget issues. 

2011-present — Committee Member, The Circle Project. A non-profit based on the Gold Coast that offers recording opportunities for new musical artists at Parallel Harmony Studios.

2005-present – Adjunct Scholar, Centre for Independent Studies.

2000-present – President & Managing Director, Australian Libertarian Society. Libertarian organisation that hosts events and occasional articles. Parent organisation to the ANZ Students for Liberty (with hundreds of members throughout Australian universities); partner to the Journal of Peace, Prosperty and Freedom; and host to the Brisbane Friedman Dinners and the Annual Friedman Conference, with speakers such as Prof Deirdre McCloskey, Dr Tom Palmer, Prof Judith Sloan, Prof Jeff Bennett, Prof Jim Allan, the Hon George Brandis, Dr Alex Robson, A/Prof Jonathan Crowe, Prof Jason Potts, Adam Creighton, Cass Wilkinson, the Hon Dr Gary Johns, Brendan O’Neill, and many others. 


2012-2013 — Postgraduate Senator, UQ Senate. The 22-person chief governing body of the University of Queensland.

2010-2012 — Chair of Federalism & Decentralisation Policy Committee, Liberal National PartyCoordinate the federalism policy committee, as well as sit as a member of the Federal Tax committee, the Labour Markets committee, the Policy Standing Committee and the LNP State Council. Allowed party membership to lapse in 2012, but continue to give occasional advice on federalism issues. 

2010-2012 – Chairman, Menzies HouseCentre-right website, including a blog and other campaigns. Originally a contributing editor.

2011-2012 — Chair and Union Representative, UQ Association of Postgraduate Students (APS). Foundation member and inaugural Chair of the newly re-formed postgraduate representative body, establishing the APS as an important part of student representation. Did not recontest the Chair position for 2012, but was elected postgraduate representative to the UQ Union and therefore remained ex-officio member of APS executive. In 2011 also the postgraduate representative to the UQ Assessment sub-committee of the Academic Board. 

2009-2010– Member of the Steering Committee, Festival of Dangerous Ideas. Annual festival of ideas hosted by the Sydney Opera House and the St James Ethics Centre.

2006 – Volunteer lecturer (banking & finance) Chea Sim University, Cambodia.

2004-2006– Editorial Adviser, Journal of Internet Business and also

2001-2008 – Founder, President (01-04) and Vice-President (05-08), Liberal Democratic Party. Lead and coordinated 2001 (1%) and 2004 (1.3%) campaign for ACT election. Queensland Senate candidate in 2007. Stood down in 2009 for work reasons, but continue to give occasional advice, especially relating to economic policy. 

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