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March 28, 2014 Comments off

Sydney has The Centre for Independent Studies… Melbourne has the Institute for Public Affairs… Perth has Mannkal and Adelaide has the Bert Kelly Research Centre… but for over 2 million people in and around Brisbane, we sadly don’t have any large group or serious money to host classical liberal and free-market thinkers. What we do have are the ALS Friedman Dinners.




Since 2011 we have hosted some of the best & brightest of Australia and a few visiting guests — including Dr Tom Palmer (USA), Prof Jim Allan, the Hon Dr Gary Johns, Prof Judith Sloan, Dr Jonathan Crowe, the Hon Senator George Brandis, Prof Deirdre McCloskey (USA, co-host Economic Society), Dr Alex Robson, the Hon Peter Reith, Prof Jason Potts, Dr David Martin-Jones, Prof Jeff Bennett, the Hon Bill O’Chee, and many more. Next on the list is Brendan O’Neill… who is touring from the UK (thanks to the CIS) and the Friedman Dinners will host his only event in Brisbane on the 10th of April. Should be good.

If you want to hear about future events coming to Brisbane, make sure you are on our mailing list.



Asia Liberty Forum 2014

January 11, 2014 Comments off

Three years ago, at the age of 19, Chanyang Ju escaped the North Korean regime and started her new life as a free woman in South Korea. On the last night of the 2014 Asia Liberty Forum, Chanyang spoke to us about her experience, life in North Korea and the importance of controlling her own life. She is in the middle of the picture below.


This was just one of the many great talks that we had over two and a half days of lively discussion, debate, and networking with old and new friends. Over 200 people came from over 30 countries to hear from distinguished intellectuals, effective activists and community leaders.

The conference started with an inspiring talk by successful Indian businessman and author Gurcharan Das, who spoke about the “dharma of capitalism”. In Hinduism, “dharma” means the duty to act with honesty and decency towards others, and Das pointed out that the duty of dharma is at the core of a lot of everyday transactions, such as catching a taxi without first signing a contract.

Other academic talks included Professor John Tomasi (Brown) talking about free market fairness, Professor Feng Xingyuan (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) discussing the importance of enterprise in economic development, and Professor Razeen Sally (NUS) explaining the economic evolution within Asia. And of course the wandering libertarian polymath Tom Palmer, who manages to show up at all the best freedom events around the world.


We also learnt about the success of think-tanks around the world, with talks from Parth Shah (India), Peter Wong (Hong Kong), Kris Mauren (USA), Rainer Heufers (Singapore), Sonam Tashi (Bhutan),Wan Saiful (Malaysia), Medeni Sungur (Turkey) and other inspiring liberal leaders. There was also a popular session on women in liberty, including infamous trouble-maker Baishali Bomjan (India) as well as Arpita Nepal (Nepal), Cindy Cerquitella (USA), Li Schoolland (USA & China), and Tricia Yeoh (Malaysia).

On the lighter side, after the Azadi journalism awards we had several excellent performances from conference participants, including Russian Opera singing from Pavel Koktyshev (Kazakstan), rapping by Casey Lartigue (USA & Korea), singing from Chanyang Ju (Korea) and the awesome oddity of Sadaf Hussein’s strange sounds. We also enjoyed learning more from dozens of activists during speed networking, and listening to spontaneous sessions, coordinated by the always interesting Andrew Humphries.

More than just an academic conference, the 2014 ALF was a coming together of open-minded and kind-hearted people from around the world in a spirit of tolerance and learning. The Asia Liberty Forum is now established as one of the “must do” events on the libertarian calendar. I look forward to going back next year, and you should come too.

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Good news in the “war on drugs”

October 25, 2012 Comments off

There has been some good news in the “war on drugs” in Queensland recently. The government has been working hard to achieve their goals, and they are proud of their success. In the Australian Crime Commission Illicit Drug Data Report 2010-11 we are told that the Queensland police managed over 17,000 seizures of marijuana. Well done to the boys (and girls) in blue.

Now, some of you may be thinking that this is all a horrible waste of time & money. People have argued that the “war on drugs” is too expensive and draconian, and does more harm than good. But those people would be missing the point.

It’s true that prohibition does cost hundreds of millions of dollars, harass many peaceful people for their lifestyle choices, help organised crime and leads to more violent crime, leads to worse health outcomes and more deaths, and it doesn’t prevent drug use to any noticeable degree. But there is another effect that is often ignored — it helps switch drug-users from marijuana to other “harder” drugs.

And this is the good news.

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Jon Stewart’s questions to libertarians

May 3, 2012 Comments off

Last year, American funny-man Jon Stewart asked a series of questions to libertarians. Since then, plenty of people have responded, giving fairly comprehensive answers. I agree with some of those answers, but I thought I’d put together my own “short answers” anyway… only six months late.

1. Is government the antithesis of liberty?

We need definitions. If “liberty” means people being allowed to act voluntarily with each other (as I define it) then the antithesis is involuntary behaviour — e.g. violence, coercion, theft, murder. The government certainly does all of that, but they are not the only example (eg mafia, rapists). Further, some libertarians will suggest that if a limited government is able to decrease “private” violence & coercion, then they might even be a force for good. (This idea is known as the “night-watchman government” or “minarchism”.)

It’s worth quickly noting that government does not mean “governance”. You would still have much governance in a libertarian society (for example, cricket rules).

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My world

April 5, 2012 2 comments

visited 63 states (28%)
Create your own visited map of The World or Like this? try: Chinese Radicals

Soon to be added… Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Qatar, and maybe Burma, Moldova and Ukraine 🙂

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My favourite rumours about me…

November 25, 2010 4 comments

People talk. That’s what we do. And sometimes we talk about each other, and sometimes people tell stories that aren’t necessarily fully accurate. I have always found it quite amusing when I hear strange stories about myself, and thought I’d put together a “best of…” for rumours about me.

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Cambodian adventure

September 20, 2010 8 comments

For the past two weeks I have been in Cambodia working on my little project here. I started the Human Capital Project (HCP) back in 2007 as a non-profit organisation that provides “personal equity” finance for poor rural students so that they can go to university. Every year around September I treck back to meet with the continuing students and interview new applicants.

But these trips are also a good opportunity for me to do some reading, exploring, thinking and life planning. Yesterday (Sunday 19/09) I managed to finally get over to Kratie to see the rare Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins and on Friday (24/09) I’ll be playing a game of soccer for a team that is in the national 3rd division. I’ve enjoyed exploring maths, philosophy and art with Hofstadter and read economic papers by Fischer and Potts.

Travelling is also good for my soul. My “wandering years” (2005-08) are behind me now, but it’s still good to get away from the computer and current affairs and routine and the usual crowd, and have more time for my mind to wander.

But it will also be good to get home. The week after I get back I will join my parents, Karen & Ash on a trip to NZ to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday, and then I’ll go straight over to Sydney for the Mont Pelerin Society meeting and to catch up with friends.